Ubic is a logical puzzle game based on Rubik’s Cube and Fifteen Puzzle ideas. Game controls are simple, precise and intuitive. Smooth animation and warm, high quality textures make the game an awesome way to kill the spare time and develop your analytical abilities.

The goal of the game is to put all tiles in order by dragging them horizontally and vertically. Tiles should be aligned in precise order, ascending from left to right and from top to bottom.

Player’s scores are recorded in different scoreboards based on location of the player, score type (moves or time) and compete with scores of other players in States, Countries, Continents and World Leaderboards.


  1. -9 textures to choose from

  2. -2 training, 6 combat and 2 hell levels

  3. -Local and global High Scores based on location

  4. -2 different score types

  5. -Auto saving and loading

You can buy it at iTunes!

Please contact us if you have any questions, suggestions, complaints or just want to say hi :)